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What are body templates used for?

WebEd provides an unlimited range of body templates to allow site administrators to predefine the look of page content. When content creators add new pages to their website, the body template will pre-populate the page with the chosen template. This ensures that your website maintains a consistent look and feel.
How do I use body templates?
Initial body templates will be defined as part of your new website set-up by Customer Community Services. These templates can be easily modified, copied and created by site administrators. When a new page is created, the body area of the page is populated with the template defined for that section.
You can choose to create further templates for different sections of your website. For example, you may set up a different body template for the FAQ pages with different background colours and table layouts.
What are the benefits of using body templates?
Body templates mean that new pages can be quickly and easily added to your website with a consistent look and feel. Consistency throughout the website will contribute towards creating a strong company brand image.
Body templates are particularly beneficial if there is more than one administrator adding content to your website.

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