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WebEd Ad Tracker is a handy way to keep a count of links clicked on your site or for links that are hosted elsewhere that link to pages within your site. This dual purpose role makes Ad Tracker flexible enough for marketing professionals and technical staff to track any link and see clicks as they happen.
  • An ad may be hosted on a third party site to drive traffic to you. Ad Tracker will allow you to see how many genuine clicks end up on your site. This is a perfect way to keep external advertising sites honest.
  • You may have multiple links to a special offer on your site and you want to see which method works the best.
  • The links can be on your own site or off site at a third party.
  • Track clicks on links to and from your site and external third parties.
What Are the Benefits of Using Ad Tracker?
Ad Tracker is mainly used for marketing purpose, to keep a track the number of times a link was clicked on. You can also apply it to links such as downloading brochures to monitor how many people have clicked through to view your brochure, gone off to a external site or clicking from an external site to a page on your site.
How Do I Use Ad Tracker?
Ad Tracker is located in the admin section of your website. First work out what is the final landing page for the link (eg. http://www.MySite.com.au/default.asp?active_page_is=107).
Open the ad tracker module (from admin) and add a new tracking link. The module will generate a unique URL to use in place of the real link. Just use the generated link instead of the actual link and all clicks will be accurately tracked and the user redirected to the real link.
You can also view the current ads and links on your website.

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