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What is the Payment Gateway used for?

The Payment Gateway works with the Shopping Cart module to provide a range of payment methods including ANZ, St George, Suncorp, Verisign and PayPal merchant.
How do I use the Payment Gateway?
In this module a range of secure payment options such as Suncorp, Verisign and PayPal are available. This module can be configured to your website on a needs basis.
What are the benefits of using the Payment Gateway?
Customers are sometimes worried about the security of shopping online. If you are going to have an online shop on your website must use a secure method of payment.  The Payment Gateway module increases security and ease for the customer and will provide your customer with an easy-to-use and professional shopping experience.
It also saves time and effort for your company as you will no longer have to manually process payments or use risky payment methods such as being sent cash or cheques.

Verisign Suncorp PayPal

I can't believe we shuffled spreadsheets for so long to manage our event bookings when the off the shelf solution from Customer Community met and exceeded our requirements. Thank you so much Suzy Jakobs The Athena Network

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Payment Gateway Module