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WebEd allows even novice users to quickly and easily keep a website up-to-date. There is no software to load and no books to read. WebEd removes the barriers from website maintenance and allows you to do-it-yourself with confidence, creating new pages, inserting pictures and tables - all without expensive outside help.

Three ways to explore WebEd;

Visit our Demo Site
Where you can see how easy it is to add new pages, insert pictures and take total control.

Watch this self running demo of WebEd in action.
Review the full online user guide with simple easy-to-follow steps.

Getting started;

Simply browse to your website.
Click the 'login' icon at the bottom of the page.
Enter your personal username and password.
Edit text, update content, insert images in the recognisable 'Word-like' interface.
Click New Page to add new sections to your site.
Insert any type of web content; images, flash and movies.
WebEd - Taking Care of Content
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