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WebEd allows any user to quickly and easily maintain and manage their website. With various modules available, WebEd allows you to create a website that will serve your business to the best advantage.
The Customer Community Services integration module into WebEd supports the RSS feed of News Articles into the website and the suscribe forms into the database from the website.
The WebEd Associates module allows you to save details for associates such as staff, agents or key contacts or dealers in a database which then automatically publishes on your website. The data can be maintained by website administrators via an administration interface which ensures consistency in operation and design throughout the site.
WebEd Associated Locations provide listings or maps complete with driving directions for one or more branches, offices, resellers, agents or any other geographical location. By providing an easy-to-use interface your visitors can find your branches, dealers or any other type of content that involves physical locations.
Publish RSS feeds from external news sources to populate your website with WebEd.
WebEd provides a simple news module to allow site administrators to quickly create news items.
Display Events by listing or calendar showing upcoming or past events complete with exploding descriptions and register buttons.
The WebEd Banner advertising module allows you to sell banner advertising on your site.
WebEd Products Catalogue Module equips you to display your products in a professional online product listing complete with templates, images and cross recommendation.  The Products Module supports an unlimited number of brands, categories and product tags such as colours, weights, sizes in fact just about anything product related can be displayed and stored. We even offer a back end integration solution to keep your website product catalogue and internal inventory system up to date. Integrate with the shopping cart and payment gateway modules for a full ecommerce solution or run stand alone for an online product catalogue.
Shopping Cart Module WebEd The Shopping Cart Module is an add-on to the products module to make shopping easier for your customers. It means that visitors to your site can browse your product catalogue and select multiple products in various colours and sizes to purchase. The shopping cart writes all customer details, freight costs and orders to the website database so that administrators can log in and view orders at any time.
Payment Gateway Module The Payment Gateway module works with the Shopping Cart module to provide a range of payment gateways including ANZ, St George, Suncorp, Verisign and PayPal merchant.
WebEd Careers module allows site administrators to post vacancies, receive online submission of applications and resumes, store candidate details and review vacancies at any time.
WebEd Used Vehicle module provides an easy to use vehicles module for new or used vehicles. Supports tell a friend, brochure print, enquire now and a range of image display options.
WebEd supports social networking and content sharing. We can include a toolbar on your web pages that enables your customers to share content on your website with their friends. The toolbar supports over 200 social networking sites and includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn.
Blogger module The Blog module is an add-on to your existing website and allows you to quickly publish a daily, weekly or monthly blog with relevant viewers able to add comments and provide instant feedback to your posts.
Documents can be hidden from public view and only available to members with correct user privileges. A document tree view much like windows file system will show on your webpage. Files may be downloaded or opened directly from the website and checked in or out.
The Survey Module is complete survey and quiz solution that integrates directly into your website. The survey module can be used as a simple anonymous one page survey or a more complex questions and answers solution which acts as a learning management solution to score recipients, notify progress and consolidate results. In quiz mode you can elect to display or hide results from responders. Integrated with Customer Community Email Marketing, the survey module will store results against individuals to cater for periodical exam like scenarios.
The Blogger Feed allows you to post your Blogger articles onto your website without the hassle of copy and pasting the content into a new page each time you update your blog.Info about module here
The Photo Gallery is great way to showcase photos and images on your website. The gallery displays a series of thumbnail images of photos that open to full size on click. Your images are displayed in a pop-up slideshow format and we can set up your gallery to reflect the unique style of your website.Info about module here
I can't believe we shuffled spreadsheets for so long to manage our event bookings when the off the shelf solution from Customer Community met and exceeded our requirements. Thank you so much Suzy Jakobs The Athena Network

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