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WebEd core modules provide the perfect foundation for your website with a wide range of features to allow you to take complete control.
Core modules provide page creation and rendering tools to create truly dynamic web-sites. All the base functions, such as in-place editing, unlimited pages, unlimited content creators, domain aliasing and centralised styles are provided as part of the core modules. This includes the ability to have multiple page templates to promote a different look and feel for various sections.
  • Separates the presentation layer (design, look and feel, fonts, colours etc..) from the content (words and images that convey the key messages).
  • Provides a simple mechanism to create new and update existing web content.
  • Allows for non-technical authoring. Novice users can easily create and manage content.
  • Offers in-place editing complete with layout, tables, styles, fonts and spell checker.
  • Increases the site ranking by providing optimised content.
  • Allows for internal and external linking of content.
  • Centralises administrator-maintainable style sheets to ensure consistent look and feel.
  • Provides full meta tagging of data to assist search engines.
  • Integrates with a wide range of statistical analysis tools including Google Analytics.
WebEd supports an unlimited number of user defined body templates to allow the site administrator to predefine the look of page content. This ensures your site maintains a
consistent look even when multiple users are updating different areas with differing content.
WebEd's security module allows for secure sections by User Groups ensuring confidential content is hidden from casual visitors and only becomes available once the visitor has authenticated against the site. Suitable for customer logins, partner areas, extranets, agents etc. Anywhere that content needs to be secured to particular groups of users.
WebEd supports advanced Highlight sections, allowing you to syndicate content across your site. Highlights can apply to a page, a section or even the whole site. When the Highlights are being centrally managed, one update can appear across multiple pages simultaneously.
WebEd Ad Tracker is a handy way to keep a count of links clicked on your site or for links that are hosted elsewhere that link to pages within your site. This dual purpose role makes adtracker flexible enough for marketing professionals and technical staff to track any link and see clicks as they happen.
WebEd Testimonial Module displays random customer testimonials throughout the site, promoting a warm welcome, a comfortable environment for site visitors and helping to enhance your brand image. One of the most important things to try and achieve with your site visitors is trust. Allowing visitors to see positive messages of other customer experiences goes a long way to building credibility, a vital ingredient for any web presence.
The Message of the Day module displays random messages, precompiled in WebEd. Site administrators can easily replace or add to these messages.
WedEd Page Auditing tracks all changes made throughout your site. When a user updates any section of your site, a copy of the page is saved for historical reference. This allows you to not only see who has changed what sections, but also the original content providing a simple method of rolling back to previous versions if required. All aspects of content updates are stored including user, date of update, content, page titles and descriptions.
The WebEd Group Message module allows the site adminstrator to post custom messages to users based on their allocated group.
I can't believe we shuffled spreadsheets for so long to manage our event bookings when the off the shelf solution from Customer Community met and exceeded our requirements. Thank you so much Suzy Jakobs The Athena Network

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